Friday, October 3, 2014

The good times just keep on coming


This week, we went to our far area and got punted from all the lessons we were planning to we wandered the area and tracked - hoping to accomplish something -

And one thing led to another

and we ended up in the caves.

It was cool!

There's a chapel in there ya know.  It's super creepy actually and there were one million bats inside,

but it was one of those moments that made me realize - Dang.  i'm in the Philippines.

We were in the midst of sorting out some church records and following up on previous baptisms, when President Rahlf calls our cell phone.  And guess what!  He called to tell me that Baby Bean was born!! (Bean has just become his name because I never know its gender, so I had to get creative in my prayers).  I was so excited.  I can't wait to meet little John Wallace.  Congrats to G, Kae, and Rae.  He looks so chubby! and adorable.  As I looked at pictures I had a handful of little Filipino school kids crowded behind my shoulder looking at the pics - just as excited as I was.

And then, there was a typhoon.  Named Louis.  All weekend we were getting updates from mission headquarters about it, and then Sunday morning they enforced lockdown after church.  (Meaning I still had to speak in Sacrament Meeting).  After church we were tucked away in our little home, until our Bishop called and insisted that we evacuate to the chapel before the storm got any worse.  We got our 72 hour kits and the Bishop relocated us to the chapel.  First, he bought us some Coke - so we would "enjoy our stay."  We got there and joined a few other families whose homes weren't safe to stay in.  

And we spent the night, but we didn't sleep.  We were safe.

This morning we came home and checked the damage.  Lots of power lines down.  Most of my cute little palm trees around the house had their tops missing.  Miles and miles and miles of crops that the farmers have worked all season on...completely destroyed.  My heart was so sad for them.

and all the power was out, so we had nothing to do but start our laundry....

I surprised myself because on Saturday when we were getting texts about the storm and to be alert of all the updates - my companion and I looked outside the window and took note of the still and very hot weather,  thinking, 'we'll be fine.'  The other two sisters in our house took some time to prepare their 72 hour kits and get everything ready for any kind of evacuation.  S and I went to work that day with some sarcasm up our sleeve about the fact that they take this so seriously.  As I was working, I realized how big of an idiot I am.  Like hello!  wasn't it just last month that I was teaching the parable to the G. family about the 10 virgins?  yea.  it was.  and now, in this moment, I was completely being a hypocrite.  So after a few appointments, I looked at S. and said, "Homie...I think we should get our 72 hour kits ready."  

I procrastinated the warning from my leaders.  I just assumed we would all be ok.
Spent some time looking back in my life and how in spiritual ways I've been slow sometimes to heed the warnings and council of my leaders.  Sometimes I'm guilty of justifying things - thinking - 'oh, that commandment is for other people...but it's ok for me because I can do it without actually falling into temptation.'

But that's totally not true.  Just like the typhoon warnings, there was no justification in me not preparing.  I was either ready or not.  I would either be safe, or not.  It was a humbling lesson for me.  Thought I'd share.

-Sister Frame

Pet Peeve of the week:  when Americans speak Tagalog to me.  like - come on people...we both speak english.

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