Saturday, October 11, 2014

we're on the same team, and a Heaven Pic

This week is National "Family Week."  That's something I love and respect about the Philippines.
Their idea of the family is so ideal, and they do everything to promote it.
I mean, a "National Family Week"....come on- that's cool.  Last year it blew because it honestly just made me want to be with I was with my family.  Saturday was a fun celebration with the entire stake.  Only a few people had to go to the hospital...I tell you - these Filipinos know how to throw quite the celebration.

Sister S and I worked our very hardest this week.  Our area is kicking us in the butt.  We're having the hardest time getting our investigators to commit to anything.  I don't know if it's the season or what - but my homies in Penablanca are finding things to take priority over listening to us.  We were talking about a member/missionary fireside with our Bishop yesterday, and it didn't even phase me that the date we set it for would be a date that I won't be here.

What the.

That was a big punch in the face of reality.  My worst nightmare would be to leave Sister S with not a lot to work with.  We are spending every second we can out tracking and looking for people who are prepared...then we found 4 new investigators this week!.. I'll keep you posted.

Every week/day/minute of the mission has it's ups and downs.  But this week, I found some serious comfort in knowing that Heavenly Father doesn't compare us to one another.  Humans judge each other.  Unfairly.  But Heavenly Father doesn't do that.  Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that our priority is to do what Heavenly Father wants us to do.  And with that knowledge, we can be happy.  This world is beautiful, but it's harsh.  And sometimes it's intimidating to compete... but then I realized, wait a second...that's completely unnecessary.  What are we competing for?

Yesterday in Sunday School we were talking about developing our talents.  And I realized so much - so much just finally clicked.

We are all equal.  No matter what.  American or Filipino or Trini, happy or sad, short or tall, fat or skinny, ugly or average or pretty, rich or poor, serious or goofy, hilarious or "trying," obedient or disobedient, member or not...we are equal.  Heavenly Father has provided each. and. every. single. one. of us the chance to be successful in this life - through Jesus Christ.

He's given us the weaknesses, the talents and the trials each of us specifically have so that we can all
inherit the same gift...Exaltaion in His kingdom.  Heavenly Father is rooting for ALL of us.

We're on the same team.

My heart was softened.  I spent the day wanting to do more for others.  Wanting to do the little things for anyone. everyone.  It was just a revamped motive to 'love one another.'

It was a 'duh' moment.  But it was just one of those found puzzle pieces that was just put in place once and for all in my brain.  22 years and it's starting to make sense.  #latebloomer.

Heaven pic:  we contacted a family for the first time this week and had a chance to sit down and get to know them.  They have 3 kids.  The littlest one is 1 ½ (like Charlie) and as we were talking, this little guy comes out CAKED...I mean CAKED from head to toe in baby powder.
We couldn't keep it together. 
It was the funniest/cutest thing in the world.

I'll show you in Heaven.

Sister Frame

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