Monday, May 19, 2014

Is this Heaven?

No transfers! and honestly we were all so thrilled.  The 4 Cabatuan sisters are staying put....They are my family.  Cabatuan has definitely become my 'home away from home.'

On Saturday there was a baptism.  This baptism was so special....incredible.  J. was baptized.  It is one of the most spiritual experiences I've had my whole mission.  To see J's face,

                                             it was pure happiness.  

I can replay the image of him coming out of the water and cry.  It's imprinted on my heart for eternity.  The veil is thinner around J.  When you are with him you can just feel a piece of Heaven radiating around him.  It's totally real.

I got a new pair of proselyting shoes...they really are just rubber flats.  Every sister wears them because they cost about 50 cents and they are comfortable and water proof.  This pair is glittery gold, and since it was the first day I was wearing them, I had some excess glitter on my feet whenever I took them off.

So, we are teaching a lesson to some of the I. kids, and one of my favorite girls was sitting next to me.  Whenever she is near and gets bored she will start touching my arms or feet.  She's intrigued by my white skin.

But this last time we were sitting on the floor and she was rubbing my feet with just one finger as I was talking.  I watched as she touched the top of my foot and then looked at her finger now covered with specks of glitter.  Her jaw dropped, and she turned to E. and exclaimed with pure enthusiasm that my skin was magic.

I'm grateful that I get to stay here a little longer.  I'm happy.  I'm happy to be here.  You guys, I love this Gospel.  with my whole heart.