Monday, April 21, 2014


                Easter is incredible, right?  WHAT a special day.  I'm disappointed to admit that it has taken me 21 years to actually and more fully understand the significance of the day.  But really - 

                                                     What a Special Day!

This mission experience of mine has seen it all.  The highest of highs and the lowest of lows - But through it all, it has equated to one thing:  a personal knowledge of and relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ.  I can firmly say that I know Jesus Christ knows us.  

He has felt the things we feel


Not just the parts or portions of our feelings.  All of it.  For me.  For you.  For every single person.  In the past 11.5 months, I have been exposed to the most vulnerable feelings.  Being a missionary has stripped me of all ability to escape through my cell phone, social media, friends/family, or other forms of virtual "protection" or entertainment.  But - it has let me straight to the arms of my brother, Jesus Christ.  And I've come to understand that He's the only one that can truly carry and truly comfort us.  With real peace.  Not just the imitated and masked worldly peace that we all get so immune to and reliant upon.  The truest and purest form of peace and comfort only comes through Him.  And that's Because of His Atonement.  It's infinite.  It's beautiful.  And it's for us.  The most peace that I've ever felt in my entire life has come through applying the Atonement.  And for myself, I can so confidently say that I know it's real.  And how grateful I am to say that.  I long for others to feel of its power too.

My words do little in expressing the true testimony and feelings I have toward our Savior.  But, He's there for each of us.  To heal our broken hearts, to bandage our wounds from sin and mistakes, to strengthen our weaknesses and to carry us when we feel abandoned and alone.

The Atonement is the means of improving ourselves, having hope when days are tough.  The Atonement means we only have to answer to the Savior - meaning, I want to focus my thoughts and make my actions pleasing to Him.  And where I fall short everyday, He's there, close by, to help me along.  He never turns away, never judges my efforts, only shows mercy to me and my imperfect self.  Because He loves us.

- Sister Frame

SMALL WORLD STORY:  So we had a zone conference this week.  I got a special surprise delivery.
Some Elders had to go to Manila for a day to do visa work and fingerprints before they go home.  They were in the airport when someone recognized missionaries and approached the elders.  They just had small talk before making the connection that these Elders were from the Cauayan mission, and that this random foreigner, RICH SWENSEN, was from Boise, and knew me.  Cool right?  Bro. Swens sent these Elders back to Cauayan with a small note and a dozen krispy kremes.  Thanks Rich Swensen!  It was much appreciated.